How to get ready for your next gig: 5 essential tips

In the video, Lulu and her friend Zoe discuss their favourite things to wear and how to wear them in public.Here’s how to get the most out of the event: How to dress to impress: When you’re on stage, the most important thing is how you look.Make sure you have a good outfit, not only

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Obama signs ‘Safe Schools’ bill with GOP

The president signed a $1.2 trillion education package into law Friday that provides funding for schools and higher education to offer more inclusive programs, like mentoring and career counseling.The measure also directs the Education Department to help localities implement such programs.It is the first big piece of legislation the Trump administration has signed since taking

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How to avoid being labeled a ‘fag’ by a ‘walkwalker’

What to wear to work?A walkwalker has a pretty good idea of what to wear when you’re going to work.But how do you avoid being tagged as a ‘shemale’ or a ‘tranny’ by some of the guys in the store?The answer is simple.Just take a walk.But it’s important to remember to be mindful of the