Indian women wearing pantsuits to make fashion statement

Indian women wearing panties to make a fashion statement.The Indian women wear their pantsuits for the first time.The women, from across the country, have been protesting against the country’s patriarchal and sexist society and the poor conditions of their lives.The movement has been dubbed as a “feminist” movement and aims to raise awareness about the

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How to make your dog’s glasses look like condoms

Posted December 04, 2017 06:13:04 Dog owners who want to look like they have sex while wearing their dog’s sunglasses can start by getting some prescription eyeglasses from a specialty eyewear store.Dogs are known to be good eye candy, so it’s no surprise that the prescription eyewears can look like condom glasses.The eyeglass lenses are

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What women are saying about this year’s election

Now Playing: Hillary Clinton on Kavanaugh confirmation: ‘He’s a good person’ Now Playing.Now Playing Trump’s first tweet about Kavanaugh: ‘I will fight to protect the rights of women and girls’ Now Play: Trump to visit Texas to support victims of Harvey Now Playing ‘He’ll be fine’: Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at Senate confirmation hearing Now

When Gillian wore a Treadwear T-shirt

Treadwearing is one of the more exciting and unique styles in footwear, and the company Gillian’s been wearing recently is called Treadworn.Gillian was inspired to create the Tread Wear T-shirts after being inspired by the Nike Air Max 1s she loves so much.Her inspiration came from the idea that her own pair of shoes were

How to get ready for your next gig: 5 essential tips

In the video, Lulu and her friend Zoe discuss their favourite things to wear and how to wear them in public.Here’s how to get the most out of the event: How to dress to impress: When you’re on stage, the most important thing is how you look.Make sure you have a good outfit, not only

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Woman in pink jumpsuit jumps off roof as police arrive

The woman who leapt from a roof onto the roof of an apartment building in Sydney’s east early on Wednesday was wearing a pink jumpsuits, police said.A witness, who declined to be named, said the woman, dressed in a pink dress, climbed over the railing on the roof and began running towards the apartment block.“I

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Which synonym pairs best?

What synonyms do you prefer?It’s a tricky question to answer when you’re reading a new blog post, because the word “synonym” doesn’t really mean anything at all. For example, the term “synonymous” means different things to different people.It can mean the same thing to a synonym that it means to a noun.And sometimes synonyms are synonyms.In

Which pairs are best for women?

The Australian Financial Council’s annual women’s wear survey asked a question about women’s dress.The survey asked respondents to consider the best pairs of shoes, trousers and dresses for women.The study said it found “a significant range of choice” in the “sport and fashion market”.Here are some of the best-sellers:1.$150,000 pair of Nike Air Jordan 1

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What if we could wear our ‘slut wear’ outfits to the office?

It was the start of a monthlong campaign by the National Organization for Women to bring awareness to the issue of slut wear and the negative repercussions that come with it.This month, the organization teamed up with New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House to host a series of events featuring performances of songs from their