How to get ready for your next gig: 5 essential tips

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In the video, Lulu and her friend Zoe discuss their favourite things to wear and how to wear them in public.

Here’s how to get the most out of the event: How to dress to impress: When you’re on stage, the most important thing is how you look.

Make sure you have a good outfit, not only because you want to look good on camera but also because it will attract more people to the event.

“If you’re not good looking, people won’t come,” Lulu says.

“So get your makeup done and put on your best clothes.

Don’t be too flashy, it’s easier to be stylish than to look like you’re having a party.”

If you don’t feel like dressing up, make sure you’re wearing the right clothes.

Wear black and be prepared to walk through crowds.

“It’s not that you can’t dress up, it just means you have to be more careful,” Lulu says.

When it comes to the masks, make them long and thick.

“Don’t just wear a mask when you go out to the crowd.

Don.t just go in and pretend like you want a mask, it could get you in trouble,” LULU says.

Wear a mask on the way to the show and at the start and end of each show.

“People tend to get more attention from the audience, so make sure that you have the right mask on,” Lulus says.

“There’s also a big difference between wearing a mask and being a ‘normal’ person.”

Lulu suggests a mask that is at least 6cm (2.8 inches) wide and that is no longer than 2.8cm (1.2 inches) long.

“You can also go up to two inches (6cm) longer if you’re really into the look,” she says.

For a full-face mask, choose a black one and the right size.

For the short one, you can choose a size that is just over 2cm (0.8 inch) long and about the same size as your face.

You’ll need to choose a white mask for the long one, too.

“When you have that mask, people tend to think you’re more like a regular person,” Liliu says, “so you can wear that mask in public.”

LulU’s tips for getting the most from the event Do your best to get people to take your mask off.

“Everyone has different body shapes and sizes, so if you have someone that’s really big and has a mask all over their face, you’ll have trouble with that person,” she explains.

“But if you’ve got a normal person, you don.t have to worry about people not understanding.”

Have a mask at the beginning of each act and at each show and when people are still waiting for the next person.

This is where Lulu has the best advice for everyone.

“Make sure you get the people to hold the mask, but make sure the mask is a mask they’re comfortable with,” she advises.

“The people that don’t have masks are usually the ones who are the most nervous and have trouble walking in and out of crowds.”

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