What to expect from Apple’s new ‘Women’s Wearable’ line


Apple announced a new line of women’s wearables in New York City, which will include a range of products that will “enable women to wear more fashionable apparel with ease and comfort.”

The brand will debut its “Women’s” collection at a press event on Friday and will also show off its “Sale & Special” line, which features items like a pair of high-tech sunglasses and a set of sunglasses that look like a tiny pair of sunglasses.

Apple also said it would offer a limited-time offer on its new “Women” collection, with a $125 price point, and said the deal includes 10% off on select Apple Watches and Apple Watch accessories, a $25 value and a 50% discount on Apple Watched software.

Apple has previously hinted at a range in women’s clothing, and the new line comes on the heels of the company’s Women’s Wearables initiative.

The company is offering a range that includes a range, a “Women in Fashion” collection and the “Women Wearable” line.

The new line will include items that are “designed for wear with a variety of colors and patterns.”

The women’s line is expected to launch this fall, but there’s no word yet on when that will come to fruition.

Apple has yet to announce a release date for the new women’s collection, but it will likely arrive during the first quarter of next year.

Apple also announced that its new flagship phone, the iPhone X, will include “a new way to interact with our vision for the future.”

The company said the phone will offer a “new way to connect with people, places, and experiences.”

The phone will be available in 12 different colors, including blue, red, purple, pink, orange, purple and yellow.

Apple says the phone’s design is “designed to make our phone an essential piece of the modern woman.”

Apple’s Women in Fashion initiative has also included an app that “allows women to shop, check out, and experience the new Women in fashion,” and the company is also rolling out a range for women’s clothes.

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