Which player wore the best hat in the West on Friday?

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Posted February 16, 2019 05:18:40The US women’s soccer team has worn a hat with the words “All The World” embroidered on it since the 1930s, but this year’s team was wearing one that’s a bit different from the rest.

The head of Adidas Originals, Clive Woodward, spoke with ESPN about the inspiration behind the hat, which is now the first Adidas hat that will be worn in the women’s world championship in the Netherlands.

We were really inspired by the Dutch.

When we first went to the Netherlands and saw the World Cup and the soccer, it was the first time that we were able to experience that kind of country.

We were able as an athlete to have that opportunity and we are really happy to be able to wear that hat in this World Cup.

It’s a great hat for us.

It was the inspiration for us to try something different with the hat.

We wanted something that was a bit more modern, a bit lighter, a little bit more traditional.

We wanted something a little different for the players to wear.

We didn’t want it to be the typical, iconic hat.

It wasn’t even a soccer hat.

That’s not what we wanted to do, to try to mimic a hat.

I think we have an interesting approach to what we are doing.

We are just trying to find the best way to do it.

We like to have a different approach to it, which gives it a little more personality and personality to it.

The hat is a tribute to our national team.

The hat is very iconic for the women and I think it’s really important for the soccer team.

When the World Cups were held in the past, it became a symbol of the history of women’s sport in the United States.

The national team has been a symbol to the American women’s game for a long time, and it’s something that’s been done by the men’s national team, as well.

The women’s team is a symbol for the country and a symbol that we are going to represent our country.

It’s been a really positive experience for us and we’re very happy to represent the women in the team.

The idea behind the design was to be respectful to the players and their history and their heritage.

We have the team and the players wearing the hat and it feels like a team hat, and we hope that the hat will go a long way in showing the world that the women are strong, strong, powerful women.

We are all really excited to wear this hat and hope that it goes a long ways in showing women’s sports that they are a force in this sport, too.

We will definitely have a lot of fun wearing it, and hope it will make people think.

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