Starr westernwear launches a new line of women’s shoes

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Starr Western Wear is launching a new range of women-focused shoes.

The range will debut at select retailers across the country this week.

The new shoes are inspired by the style of classic western boots worn by men in the 1800s.

In the last 30 years, the shoe industry has undergone a seismic shift.

Western boots were traditionally made with leather, and the shoes were traditionally sold in small leather boots that were then fitted to suit the wearer’s foot.

Starr says the new shoes will “bring an updated and updated take on this iconic style, but it will be in the same iconic style as the boots that men wore in the 18th century”.

Starr is one of several brands that have made the leap from boots to women’s footwear in recent years.

The latest to come out of the footwear business is American Apparel, which launched a line of woman-focused women’s boots in 2014.

In 2016, Gap released its first woman-friendly shoes.

Nike is also rolling out a range of woman’s shoes this year.

“We’re seeing a new wave of women and women’s brands, with more brands coming out on the heels of the Starr shoes,” said Starr’s chief executive, Mike Glynn.

“It’s a great opportunity for women to wear and style their style in the modern era, and to celebrate the history of the starr style.”

The company will also launch a women’s collection of its footwear, a limited-edition womens shoe.

Starcam is launching its first women’s men’s shoes.

Starcham will launch its women’s brand Starchamp in April.

“The starr shoes will be a great way for women in our community to celebrate their starr heritage, and we want to encourage all women to join us in celebrating the starcam brand,” Glynn said.

“Our aim is to give starr women the opportunity to feel and look like a modern day gentleman.

Our collection will be available in women’s size 7, 8 and 9, and women can also choose to wear their shoes with a traditional man’s shoe or a womens foot.”

We are confident that the star will be embraced by women of all ages and sizes.

We want to ensure that every woman has access to the stargazer style, so that she can express her starr identity without having to change any of her footwear.

The Starchabox collection will also be available on the company’s website for $300.”

Starr Western Style has a rich heritage and is an incredibly popular and iconic style of footwear, and Starchamps latest womens collection will further reflect this by showcasing our iconic starr boots,” Starchams founder, Emma Jones, said.

The Starchabox collection will also be available on the company’s website for $300.