Pensacola women’s basketball team wears 3 new caps

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Pensacolans women’s women’s team will wear new caps as part of a campaign to support mental health.

The Pensacolas Hornets announced the campaign on their Facebook page Wednesday, saying they will be wearing three different cap styles, which will include a purple-and-gold cap and a black-and/or-silver cap.

The new caps will be worn for their home game against the Fort Walton Beach State Panthers on Wednesday night.

The Hornets are 4-0 this season when wearing new caps.

According to the team’s Facebook page, the campaign will also support the community through the Women’s Mental Health Foundation.

“It is with great sadness that I have to announce that our team will be giving away three new caps for the team to wear in support of the women’s mental health community,” said senior forward Jessica Davis.

Davis and forward Lauren Luszczyszyn will wear the new caps at Thursday’s game against Eastern Florida.

Davis and Luszesyn have been vocal about their struggle with depression.

A statement on the Women on Basketball page said the new cap designs will help raise awareness for mental health and promote mental health literacy for young women in the community.

“It’s not about making money,” Davis said.

“It’s about supporting the women who are struggling with mental health.”

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