What do the stars wear when they play the show?


Wear sunscreen.

Get a hat, sunglasses, and earmuffs.

Put on a coat and tie.

Put some sunscreen on your arm.

Wear a hat.

Wear sunglasses.

Put a hat on your head.

Wear earmuff.

Wear sunscreen and go out.

Get sunblock.

Get an umbrella.

Go to the beach.

Watch a movie.

Go on a date.

Do some reading.

Drink a cup of coffee.

Do something else.

Get some fresh air.

Go home.

Watch TV.

Listen to music.

Do your laundry.

Go for a walk.


Do yoga.

Read a book.

Watch Netflix.

Eat a sandwich.

Read something interesting.

Read some more.

Drink coffee.

Read an article.

Do another thing.

Drink water.

Go shopping.

Go grocery shopping.

Get food.

Get water.

Watch some TV.

Watch YouTube.

Watch sports.


Get something to eat.

Do a dance class.

Go swimming.

Get on the train.

Go into the store.

Get out of the store or shop.

Go outside.

Watch something on TV.

Go out.

Watch movies.

Read or listen to a book or book about movies.

Go a walk in the park.

Take a bath.

Do laundry.

Get ready for bed.

Take the kids to bed.

Go back to bed at 9pm.

Do chores.

Go play video games.

Go fishing.

Play a game of pool.

Go camping.

Go skiing.

Go riding in a snowmobile.

Play tennis.

Play golf.

Go bowling.

Go running.

Go walking.

Go playing video games or watching TV.

Play video games with friends.

Go hiking.

Go bike riding.

Go horseback riding.

Play an online game of darts.

Play basketball.

Go tennis.

Go volleyball.

Go cycling.

Go ski.

Go water skiing.

Play volleyball.

Play soccer.

Go football.

Play bowling.

Play hockey.

Go golf.

Play baseball.

Play softball.

Go table tennis.

Ride your bike.

Go surfing.

Get dressed for work.

Take an exam.

Get home.

Get your dog.

Go the movies.

Take your dog for a dog walk.

Take her for a short walk.

Go ice skating.

Go kayaking.

Go snowshoeing.

Go skateboarding.

Go mountain biking.

Go paddleboarding.

Take out the trash.

Go see a movie at the theatre.

Take that new TV you just bought.

Get coffee.

Take some exercise.

Take care of yourself.

Go through your daily routine.

Go over to the park and play some pool.

Ride a bike.

Ride some horseback.

Take it easy.

Go birdwatching.

Go walk on the beach with your friends.

Take long walks on your property.

Take off your shoes and wear a bathing suit.

Get up and go for a run.

Go get your nails done.

Go go shopping.

Take this or that out of your purse.

Go and do a shop.

Do it in your office.

Do that.

Do the laundry.

Do this for a friend.

Go buy something for someone.

Go make some breakfast.

Go have a drink.

Go take some long walks outside.

Go do some painting.

Go exercise in the backyard.

Go swim with your dog, do a little surfing, do some hiking.

Play some pool or water polo.

Go canoeing.

Take in some nature.

Take pictures of your family.

Take one of your kids for a long walk.

Do an outdoor concert.

Go sledding.

Go fly fishing.

Go hike.

Go ride a horse.

Go build a house.

Go join a golf club.

Go dance at a wedding.

Go run a race.

Go visit a museum.

Go learn a new language.

Go cook some breakfast for someone special.

Go read some books.

Go watch a movie or television show.

Go sit on the couch.

Go write a book about some subject.

Go spend some time at the beach or go swimming.

Go work out.

Go come back to your house after a long vacation.

Go fish in your backyard.

Take vacation in your hometown.

Take on some new activities in your town.

Go try something new.

Go drive to a concert.

Watch television.

Go pick up some groceries.

Go rent a car.

Go eat dinner at a restaurant.

Go enjoy some outdoor activities.

Go explore some of your favorite places in the country.

Go catch a soccer ball.

Go climb some mountains.

Go hunt some wild animals.

Go participate in some outdoor sports.

Go shop for some clothes.

Go paint your own house.

Visit a museum, art gallery, or museum.

Play music in your house.

Play your favorite song.

Play with your kids.

Play the piano.

Go cross-country skiing.

Take part in some sport.

Go race your bike, ride a bike, or ride a motorcycle.

Go throw a football or soccer ball at a soccer field.

Go sail a boat.

Go teach your kids to drive a boat or sail a

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