How to avoid a gorilla in the night

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The night wears on.

It begins to get dark.

The moon rises over the horizon.

I step out of bed to try and catch my breath.

It is dark and I am too tired to walk the two blocks to my apartment.

It’s late.

I am hungry.

I can’t sleep.

I know I have gorillas in my apartment and they can’t hear me.

I get up and leave the house.

The next morning I return and walk down the hall to my room to see if there are any other gorillas.

There are no more.

It gets darker and dark.

I turn off my alarm and look out my window.

I see a gorilla walking down the hallway toward my apartment, but I can see no sign of him.

I hear his footsteps on the floor.

I run down the stairs and open the door.

I look out the window and see him standing in front of me.

The gorilla stares at me.

He is not even close to my door.

He’s far away.

My eyes open wide and I feel a surge of fear.

I’m afraid of this gorilla.

I call 911 and ask the police to come.

I ask if they will let me in and the gorilla is too scared to say anything.

I take my cell phone and call the police.

The police come and take me in.

They ask me what happened and tell me the gorilla was chased out of the apartment.

I don’t believe them.

I tell them I can feel the gorilla’s footsteps, the gorilla can hear me, the door is locked, the security camera was rolling.

They say the police will be back in a few minutes.

They bring me in to the police station.

They tell me to take a picture of the gorilla so I can send it to a security camera.

They take my picture, but it is of a very young, small, white baby gorilla.

The little gorilla is so scared, he’s shaking.

He asks for my name.

I put the picture down on the desk.

They do not say who I am.

I say that it was me and it was just me, that I was just a little baby gorilla and that the gorilla has been with me.

They look at the picture and they say I have to wait until you can talk to me.

If I don.t come, they will bring the police in and they will kill me.

It will take weeks.

I feel scared.

I will be in the hospital and I don’ t want to go back to the apartment because I will not have enough money to feed my baby gorilla the money to be able to eat.

I keep going back to my bedroom.

I think I have enough food to feed the baby gorilla but I want to see him.

It has been so long since I saw him, but when I hear that he is ok, I think of my little baby, I can do nothing.

I walk to the door and knock.

The door is unlocked.

It opens.

A white gorilla comes in, he looks very frightened and I see he has a large white beard on his head.

I stand next to him and say, “I am your mother.”

The gorilla smiles and says, “Oh, I am so happy.”

I tell him that I want him to know I love him.

He smiles and tells me that he loves me.

Then, he says, Thank you for your help.

I kiss his head and hug him.

We walk back to our apartment and he hugs me.

We have a very special moment together.

He kisses my head and says that I am the mother of his son.

I have a special moment in my life.

I love you.

My new little gorilla, Gorilla Gorilla, is now a baby gorilla that loves me very much.

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