Which pairs are best for men?


Daring pair of blue trousers by Cavender.

Cavender has introduced a new range of men’s trousers which feature bold, contemporary prints inspired by the style of the original.

They are a bold, modern design, inspired by modern avant-garde print designs.

Available in a range of different fabrics, these trousers feature a classic design and a retro feel.

These trousers are available in a variety of styles from sporty to casual.

The pair of trousers feature the original logo from the film ‘Avant-Guardians’ in the upper right pocket.

The men’s suits, jackets and blazers are designed with an attention to detail, with a classic style and classic style prints in the pockets.

The trousers are hand-made by Cavenders designers in the UK and offer a range from a range on the web to bespoke styles.

The new Cavender men’s casual trousers are an exclusive to Cavender, with the trousers available in all the latest styles, including casual suits, jacket, and trousers.

They feature an emphasis on the casual look, with simple colours and bold prints that are perfect for everyday wear.

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