How to dress for the office, with a guide

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The office has become a place where the rules of fashion can change, says one fashion expert.

We’re more concerned about the things that are fashionable than the things we are.

So, what’s the best way to dress to the office?

We asked fashion expert and fashion journalist Joanna Coles.

Dress to impress – and get more done Joanna’s top tips for dressing in the office include the following:Make a point of wearing something that is fashionable and not just your regular suit and tie.

Do something that has something to do with your work, rather than simply a style.

Make a statement with your outfit.

It could be your hair or your shirt.

You could also do something a little more formal and elegant.

Have something to say about the office.

This could be a slogan on your badge or your company logo.

You could also use your phone, a pen or an iPad.

If you’re not comfortable with your current outfit, ask to see a consultant or to ask someone to look at it.

Make sure you are wearing the correct outfit for the day, or even the occasion.

Use a tie to keep the outfit neat.

If you don’t have one, consider getting one that’s a little higher collar, with one or two short buttons.

You can always wear a suit or dress shirt to the offices.

The key is to choose something that suits you and doesn’t make you look awkward.

Joanna Coling, fashion and lifestyle editor at BBC Sport, is the presenter of The Style Code podcast.

You can follow her on Twitter @joannacoling and on Instagram at joannacolling.

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