How to keep your wrists from getting sore


Breaking up your daily commute could help prevent neck and shoulder pain and strain that can put you at a greater risk for injuries.

You should make sure your wrists and hands are clean and dry before you take the escalator or other public transport to work.

You should wear a wristband and keep your hands and wrists clean and free of any abrasive items, such as glass or metal.

You may also want to wear a protective mask if you have a medical condition that can cause you to cough up blood or cough up saliva.

You may also need to make sure you are wearing a suit, tie or coat to work to help protect your neck and shoulders.

It may also be advisable to wear wristbands and neck bands if you take public transport.

It’s not always possible to wear protective clothing at work.

If you have allergies or skin problems that can make your work environments uncomfortable, you may want to consider wearing a mask or gloves at work or to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis.

If you need to wear an oxygen mask at work, be aware that some offices will ask you to wear one and that if you wear one, you could risk inhaling some of the oxygen.

You can find out more about the benefits and risks of wearing a oxygen mask and masks at work from the World Health Organisation.