The Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not A Man Is Not A Woman


The world has been made to believe that being a man is a woman’s job.

We’re told to do all the laundry, clean our rooms, cook and take care of children.

And while that may be true in some countries, in others, it’s not.

In a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, scientists show that there are more men than women who aren’t working as men.

And it’s the reason why women are having to do more of the housework, cook more of our food, and care for our children.

“The fact that we have to pay for these men’s time and childcare is not a coincidence,” said study author Dr. Christine A. Kelleher, a researcher at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

“Men are working more than women.

And men have traditionally been seen as caregivers and primary breadwinners.”

While men have always been viewed as the breadwinters in the household, the majority of American households today don’t have a man on the payroll.

In some areas of the country, the average wage for men was $16.51 an hour, compared to $12.64 for women in 2015.

But according to the study, that gap could be closing.

“Women are more likely than men to say they are looking for a new career,” Kelleer said.

“That may be because women have traditionally felt more empowered than men, which may lead them to be more comfortable in their role as caregivers.”

The authors found that women were much more likely to feel comfortable as caregivers when it came to being men, rather than being in a role that required a male role model.

They also found that the women in the study were more likely then men to be looking for other work.

Kellie, a single mom, was in a new role and didn’t know what she wanted to do next.

“I’m not sure how much of this is a result of being a woman, but I know it’s a result because I was not looking for any new opportunities,” she said.

But there were some things she was looking for.

“My husband is an engineer,” Kellie said.

She wants to be a nurse, a lawyer or a teacher.

And she’s also interested in her daughter, who’s 5 and is also single.

But Kellie says she doesn’t want her daughter to be like her mom.

She’s looking for more of a career.

“She’s a kid,” Kellies 11-year-old said.

Her mom said it was important for Kellies to see that there was something in front of her.

“There is a way to make things happen, and I’m proud of that,” Kellys mom said.

And when it comes to career opportunities, Kellie and her daughter are definitely embracing it.

“Being a mom is not just about going to work,” Kelles daughter said.

Kellie’s mom says that if she were to ever leave the house, it would be to a job that didn’t require her to be her mother.

“If she ever leaves the house and is not in a relationship, she’s going to have to go work in a different job,” Kellis mom said, adding that if Kellys daughter wants to get married, it will be in a more traditional setting, like a church.

“It would be a very different kind of life,” Kell’s mom said of being in her role.

But Kelleheer believes that if her daughter were to do anything else, she could easily find work that didn�t require a mother figure.

“We’re not talking about a career in this world that she could do in her lifetime,” Kellys mom added.

“Her job could be working in a restaurant or something.

She could be doing housework or being a nurse.”

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