Man dressed in shorts to take over hospital animal hospital


People dressed in suits, including men wearing suits, are being trained to take charge of the animal hospital at Men’s Wearhouse in Los Angeles.

The men are being given training to take control of the facility.

The hospital has been closed for weeks after a fatal fire.

The facility was initially set to open for regular business Friday, but the fire has been put out.

A fire at Mens Wearhouse has shut down the facility in Los Feliz, California.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

(ABC News / ABC News Live)The men who will be in charge of keeping the facility operational are:Marianne Johnson, a manager at Men.

Wearhouse, said in a statement that she is “heartbroken” by the loss of her son.

“We are working with the coroner and are doing everything we can to help those affected by this tragedy.

We are grateful to our dedicated and dedicated staff for their support.

The men and women of Men’s Clothing are truly amazing and will be missed,” she said.

A statement from Men’s Shoes, a Men’s apparel brand, said, “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our founder, our founder’s wife, and the son of our CEO.

The family asks for privacy during this difficult time.”

The men in charge at Men were first brought on board as part of a reorganization of the operation in December 2016, Johnson said.

The company had previously worked in partnership with the state to provide food, water and shelter.

The hospital has also received help from the University of California, Santa Cruz, which has donated $6 million toward its recovery.

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