Adidas unveils Nike Air Force 1 sneaker with ‘Air Force 1’ branding

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Adidas has unveiled a sneaker featuring the Nike Air force 1 logo.

The Air Force sneakers are the latest from Adidas Originals and feature an Air Force branding on the upper.

The Nike Airforce 1 kicks will retail for $180 and come in two colorways: grey/white and grey/black.

Check out the photos below to see the Air Force One logo on the Airforce sneakers.

The Air Force 3 sneaker, the first shoe to be released from Adidas in 2017, will retail at $140 and come with a black upper and grey laces.

Check it out below.

The Nike AirForce 1 kicks are the second shoe from Adidas to feature the Nike branding on their upper.

They are available in two different colorways, grey/whites and grey and black.

Check out the images below for more information on the Nike kicks.

Source: Engadgets via The Verge