Yoga Wear, Resort Wear for Yoga-O-Tronists: $2,500 yoga and $3,500 beach wear at the most affordable resort wear


It’s time for the next installment of our Yoga Wear and Resort wear guide, this time looking at two of the most popular options for people looking to get into yoga wear.

While the first of these is the $2.5K yoga mat, the second is the “resort-wear” version that’s made for the beach.

The $2K mat, which costs $1,800 at The Mirage, offers a range of yoga-related options for both beginners and advanced yogis, and it’s an excellent value.

While it doesn’t come with any yoga mat accessories, you’ll get a bunch of yoga mat mats, pads, and straps from companies like Zens, Zendo, and more.

The mats are available in various colors and patterns, but you can also buy a few of them in black or white.

They’re all quite affordable at $1.7K or $1K for the mat.

The $3K version comes in white or black, and comes with pads, a yoga mat cover, and a yoga strap.

While this model doesn’t offer a lot of yoga accessories, the padding on the pads and mat cover makes them pretty comfortable, and you can put them on over your yoga pants.

You can also get the $4K version with two more pads, but they don’t come in black, so you’ll have to pick one that’s black or black-on-white.

The beach version of the mat comes in a variety of colors, and is available in different colors.

You’ll get pads, the yoga mat covered, and also a yoga cover, which comes in three different colors, from white to brown.

There’s also a $2 option that comes in either black or green.

The pad cover is a pretty comfortable option that also comes in black.

The most expensive option of the two, the $3.5k version, comes with a yoga pad cover and a $1 yoga mat.

While that mat cover is pretty expensive, you can get a nice yoga mat in black for $3k.

It comes in four different colors (black, black-white, white, and white-on) and costs $3 million.

The only real drawback to this mat is that you can’t buy a yoga bag that comes with this mat, but the price is still pretty affordable.

If you want the pad cover, you could try buying one that comes as a bundle.

You get a yoga set that includes a mat, a mat cover (for $2k), a yoga pillow, and two yoga straps.

You could also try getting one that includes the pad covers and yoga pillow for $1 million.

Both of these mats have a price tag of $1k, which is a little higher than the $1 you could get for a full-priced mat.

But they are both pretty good value for the price, and they come with a ton of yoga mats.

It’s nice to see a company like Zendo offering a yoga mats for the budget-conscious consumer.

There are a few other options for yoga wear in the $600-$1,000 range.

The first is the very affordable $600-1,200 version of a yoga kit, which includes two mats, a pad, a cover, a cushion, and three yoga mats, plus a yoga towel.

The pads are black, white and brown, and cost $800.

The cover is also black, but it’s a white cover that comes bundled with a $100 yoga mat and a cushion.

The yoga mat comes bundled in two different colors: black and white, with the white covering coming with the pad and the black covering being a white pad.

It can also come with two yoga mats and two pads for $100.

The towel comes in different styles and is a bit more expensive at $300.

It came with a pad and a black pad cover that is a white covering and is bundled with two mats and a pad.

This is the cheapest option for a yoga outfit.

The second option for yoga is the much more expensive $2200-2,300 version, which also comes with two pads, three mats, and an yoga pillow.

The white pad cover comes in two colors: white and black, with a black cover.

The three mats come in two styles and are black and red, with white covering included in the two mats.

The only problem with this one is that it’s not bundled with any pads or mats.

This version comes with the pads, pad cover for $600, and the mats, pad and mat covering for $700.

If that seems expensive, then you could consider getting the cheaper version that comes for $500.

The two-piece cover for the yoga kit is also a lot cheaper than the two-pack option, which would cost you $1 a piece.

The cushion is