How much do you really pay for athletic wear?


When it comes to buying athletic wear, the cost is going up.

For instance, weare Nh, a brand with a global presence in the market, recently launched a new range in India that it plans to roll out in the next three months.

Weare N.

H is the company’s first foray into India, but it has already been testing the waters.

It launched the range in the US last month and it’s already seeing some success.

“The US has been the one place that we have been able to launch the range, and the Indian market is just as large,” Weare Chief Executive Officer N Chandrashekhar told Business Insider.

“Weare N has launched the first version of our range in US, and in our next three to four months, we will launch it in India.”

As a part of its foray into the Indian marketplace, Weare launched the second generation of its collection, which includes a number of items for men and women.

The new range, which weare has dubbed the ‘Kiss for Life,’ is aimed at men and is priced at Rs 1,800 ($220) per pair.

We’re also looking to roll this out in India.

Chandrashel, however, is quick to point out that the range is still in its early stages.

“The cost of the range will be around Rs 800 to Rs 1 500 per pair,” he said.

“I think it is an aspirational range for the Indian men, but also for the women.”

We’re aiming to sell about 5 million pairs a month in the first three months of the launch, he added.

While the range was initially priced at around Rs 500 ($10), Chandrashewar says the price has been reduced to around Rs 1.50 ($1.15) per unit.

“But in the third quarter, we were able to sell out of our initial order of 50,000 pairs of the product,” he added, adding that the company plans to offer a second generation, priced at $1,000 ($1,280) per suit.

The company’s India head, V.R. Sharma, said the range had been designed to appeal to men and the range has already shown its potential.

“Amenities for men are the biggest challenge, because they need to feel good in the body, which is not always available for women,” Sharma told Business Edge.

“If we are able to deliver on the promise of the men’s range, then the women’s range will also get the same attention.”

The range includes a range of men’s shirts and shorts as well as men’s and women’s T-shirts and trousers.

The company is also offering a men’s men’s jacket and trousers, which can be ordered through its website.

“In the last year, we have built a lot of partnerships with some leading brands, including Levi’s, Adidas and Fendi,” Sharma added.

“Our focus is to focus on our core business, which has to do with the men.”

The men’s shirt and shorts are priced at a premium, and they can be purchased in either black or white.

The men’s pants are priced between $300 ($430) and $400 ($600).

The men sport jacket and pants are available in different colours, and are priced from $450 ($600) to $500 ($800).

Weare is also introducing an all-in-one men’s clothing line, which will launch in January.

The men will be able to choose from a range for men of different sizes.

The range includes men’s shorts, men’s tee and men’s suit.

The shirt, shorts and jacket range is priced between Rs 400 ($600 and Rs 500), while the jacket is priced from Rs 450 ($700).

For women, We Are is offering men’s suits, pants, shirts and socks.

The prices range from Rs 500 (for men) to Rs 600 ($700) for men’s trousers, and Rs 600 (for women) to the same price for men.

The jackets range from $600 ($800) to more than $900 ($1;500).