When did you first discover your passion for eli and what’s your favourite piece of clothing to wear?

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When did I first discover eli?

I remember going to my local flea market and I was amazed at the sheer amount of clothing available.

There were so many beautiful things, I couldn’t wait to wear them all.

I got my first pair of shoes on eBay, and the moment I stepped into the store I just couldn’t stop.

They were made of so much fabric and felt so comfortable.

I’ve been wearing them ever since.

What is your favourite style of clothing?

I love wearing pants.

They’re always nice and fitted and have lots of pockets.

They also look so much nicer with heels.

When I wear a shirt or dress, I usually like the simple pattern of the fabric or the pattern of my shoes.

What’s your most favourite piece or piece of fashion to wear in your everyday life?

I like to wear dresses.

They give me the best look and they feel really stylish.

My favourite style is the skirt.

I wear skirts when I go out because they’re comfortable and make you look taller.

What other things have you found particularly interesting about eli clothing?

It’s so cool to see how different eli fabrics are.

They all have different textures, so you get to see different colours and patterns.

I also love that eli is very environmentally friendly, because they make everything so eco-friendly.

What do you think makes eli so unique?

There’s so many different types of clothes made of eli, so many fabrics, so much different fabrics.

It’s like watching an entirely different world and I’m just so fascinated.

What are some of your favourite brands?

I’m obsessed with Elie Saab and I also like the way they look, but I’m a bit biased.

I love the way the patterns on their clothing are different.

They have a very unique style.

What kind of clothing do you love to wear at home?

I have a bunch of clothes for my dogs, but they’re mostly just coats and jeans.

What would you like to see more of in eli fashion?

I think we need to have more models in fashion.

They need to wear more of their clothes.

I think there needs to be more models who have really interesting looks.

If there was a model who had a really beautiful face and perfect figure, and she had a great style and she wore a dress, maybe that model would be on more of the fashion shows.

I just think that model has to be the next model.

You can see more eli in fashion on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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