How to get ready for a game at home


For many, the home game of the Serie A season is the first time they will be able to watch the match on television.

To achieve this, fans have to prepare in the locker rooms, wear the appropriate attire and use the facilities that the stadiums provide.

As for the rest, they must follow the instructions of the match officials.

Here is a look at what to expect during the home leg of the Champions League play-offs.

First of all, the fans have their own way to dress, in the form of hats and masks, to suit the mood of the home team.

The best way to ensure you are prepared for a match is to buy a jersey, which will be issued with the official club badge and the number of the league you wish to play in.

For example, you can buy the official Juventus shirt, which has the number 10.

Or, you could also buy a shirt with the number 13, which is issued with a white collar, with the letter “C” at the top.

There are several other different ways to wear the shirt, and depending on which team you want to represent, the number will also vary.

Finally, you must follow all the match rules, and you should follow the official match plan, so that the game will be played with the maximum intensity and to the maximum of the possible conditions.

In general, the official game plan is to take the pitch at 8.30am, where the home fans have a full day of training.

In the afternoon, after the final whistle has sounded, the stadium will be fully booked and ready to go.

However, this time of day, the game is not being played on the pitch, and the fans are still going about their business.

As long as the stadium is not overcrowded, it should be safe to go about your business.

The stadium will usually have a section for families, who can stay for as long as they wish.

If the fans want to go out, the police will enforce a no-trespassing policy, so you need to follow the regulations.

It is also important to note that it is not possible to go to the stadium from outside the city.

As a result, you should avoid taking a taxi to the pitch and avoid staying in hotels or staying in cars for the duration of the game.

If you do choose to go, it is important to have an appropriate protective mask for the match.

There is a special mask that you can get for free at any supermarket, or you can rent a mask at any shop that sells football gear.

It should be worn with a black or red scarf or with the correct number 10 jersey.

Also, you will need to wear gloves.

You should also ensure that you have enough water for the day.

If it rains, you might need to stay inside the stadium for a few hours to cool down.

The last thing you should do during the match is wear your own shirt, as it is the responsibility of the fans to make sure that they are prepared.

The fans should wear the correct attire for the occasion, which should be the black and white striped jersey.

There should be no black or white socks, as they will affect the match conditions.

You can also buy football shoes for the fans.

If they do not wear shoes, the shoes should be made of white material.

The home team will use a white scarf to cover the shoulders of the players and the black jersey to cover their neck.

The match will last for five minutes, and then it will be time for the referees to call the match for the home side.

There will be no penalty for a goal conceded by the home goalkeepers.

If your team is playing a higher-ranked team, it may be better to wait until the end of the half to make a change, to avoid wasting a match.

However the match will be a good opportunity to show your appreciation for the great support of the supporters.

After the game, the teams will go home, and a team will have the option to donate the trophies that have been won by the players.

It will be important for the fan to follow this recommendation, so he or she can donate the trophy and will be rewarded with an extra 100 euros, as well as a free beer.

The Italian national team will also wear their own jersey, as we have a tradition of wearing our own jersey for our home games.

There may be some exceptions to this, such as the national team that is playing in Europe or the Italian Super Cup, but there should be an exception to this rule for home matches.

If there is an injury, it’s very important to stay on the field until the referee has examined you, or until the team returns home.

If possible, wear your jersey at all times during the game; don’t let anyone tell you not to wear it.

You need to keep a close eye on your teammates during the whole game.

This will help you to

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