‘I want a little rain’ – wear os: ‘I will wear a lot of rain’


Wear OS’s “I Will Wear a Lot of Rain” tour has kicked off in India and the country is turning into a mini-LetsGo.

Here are the latest updates:   We are at the start of our tour in India. 

“I want to wear a little bit of rain, a little while,” the young singer said in an interview.

“I will buy rain jackets.

I will buy jackets for my fans and wear a rain jacket.

I’ll have a rain coat for people to wear when I go out.”

The singer’s appearance at a local store is only the latest of many events on the road to a new album.

The tour, which kicks off with the concert at New Delhi’s Taj Mahal on January 26, is part of a series of music-focused events and festivals around the world.

“We are not going to play a festival or a concert, we’re just going to be in the studio, writing and recording and recording the next record,” the 27-year-old singer said.

“We will also be doing an international tour that’s in January and February, where we will also do our live shows.

We will also have a lot more festivals and shows in the States and Europe,” he added.

Wearing a raincoat is the latest step for the young star who made headlines in January when she was accused of rape by an ex-boyfriend.

“The incident happened when I was 16 and he was 19.

I was 17 and he had already started dating a girl,” she told reporters.”

I’m not going there to be a victim.

I don’t have a problem with anyone.

I’m a young girl who has no problems with anyone.”

The rapper’s alleged sexual assault prompted her to leave the music industry, but she returned to the spotlight last year to promote her hit song, “I Wanna Love You.”

The concert comes as the world has been gripped by the Zika virus.

It was also a major moment for the star after her boyfriend, who is also from India, died in the Zika epidemic.

“This is something that we will try to celebrate as a community,” she said.

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We’re not going anywhere.”

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