FourFour Two: An update on the day that was

Blog is reporting that it has received word from a source that the United States government has granted an “emergency” waiver from its embargo on the purchase of any product that includes the “Blessed Wear” collection.

The release from the State Department reads: The Department of State has received notification of the Department of Homeland Security’s approval for the Department’s emergency waiver of the import restrictions imposed on the Blessed Wear collection of consumer-oriented products in the United Kingdom.

This approval is to allow the importation of the Blessed wear products from the United kingdom into the United Republic of Ireland.

The Blessed Wear products are designed to promote good health and prevent disease.

The waiver will allow the Department to allow imports of the products into the Republic of Great Britain for sale as part of the United Great Britain Company.

Further information about the approved waiver is available at

The statement follows the news earlier today that a spokesperson for the British Department of Health said that the government has approved the sale of the product as part.

“The Government of the U.K. is committed to promoting good health through the sale and consumption of the goods that are manufactured in the UK and to encouraging the use of the BWW products in hospitals, schools and other community activities,” the spokesperson said.

It is also not the first time that the UK government has come under fire for not following the American government’s embargo on goods containing the Blessed Wears brand.

Earlier this month, the U,K.

government also announced that it had granted a waiver for a wide range of items including the new iPhone X, a set of “faux” gold-plated watch bands, and a pair of faux “blessing” earrings.

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