Cats wearing clothes in Kerala’s ‘furry’ town


A local girl who has befriended and adopted cats in Kerala is giving them a new home in the state capital of Kochi, the paper reported on Thursday.

The girl, who is part of the Kannur-based Kannudu Cat Welfare Association, has adopted around 60 cats in the past four years.

The cats are now living with their new owners, who are all cats.

Kannuda’s resident felines have also started learning about the human world and sharing their stories.

The association has also established a cat adoption centre, a rescue and education centre, and cat cafes, the report said.

“The cats are very loving and they do not like to be left alone,” Kannuadu Cat Worship Association president Muthi Ramaswamy told the newspaper.

“I know they love to be with humans.

The cat is a very social cat.

If we do not have it, we will bring the cats in.

We want them to live a long life and hopefully they will make friends with humans,” she said.