India to launch 1,500 new boutiques to cater to women’s fashion


The Indian government has set up 1,700 boutiques in different cities to cater for the demand for women’s Western fashion.

The government has also announced plans to launch 500 boutiques across the country in an attempt to diversify the market, which is dominated by men’s brands.

According to the latest report from the ministry of women and child development, a total of 1.13 crore women in India wear Western-style clothing, while 1.16 crore women wear Indian-style, making the Indian market home to 2.38 crore women.

The report said the new boutique is set to cater mainly to women, who will receive free services and discounts, and will also be given access to online shops.

It is part of an effort to diversified the market by creating boutiques where men’s and women’s brands can come together, said a senior government official, requesting anonymity.

The official said the government is also targeting women with online shops where men and women can shop together.

The ministry has been busy in the last couple of years, launching an online marketplace for the sale of Indian and foreign clothes, said the official.

The government has announced that it is working towards a women’s version of the online shopping portal.

The online shopping platform has also opened its doors to men and offered discounts and services to men as well.

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