New Apple Watch OS 6.1 beta released today, but Apple still won’t ship it to users

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Posted September 16, 2018 05:07:52 New Apple watchOS 6.0 beta, with iOS 11 support, is now available to Apple Watch users.

As with previous versions of the watchOS, the new watchOS version includes the new Apple Watch apps that have been built into the watch’s operating system.

The new watch OS version includes a new version of the Apple Watch App Store, the Watch App Development Kit, the Apple App Store API, and support for watchOS 4.3.4.

Apple has also released a new update for the Apple Music app, the App Store for iBooks and other third-party apps, and the App Catalog, which will provide an easy way to track and share your apps.

Apple WatchOS 6 also includes new features for its watchOS apps, including the ability to sync your Apple Watch with another iPhone or iPad, the ability for watch apps to use GPS to keep you in the same location, and a new “lock screen” mode that lets you hide apps that aren’t needed.

The watchOS app is now free on the App Stores, as are the watch apps, though some third-parties can charge for the upgrade.

The Apple Watch software is built for developers, so watchOS is a pretty new platform to work on.

It’s a very small number of watchOS developers, but it does include the basics.

We don’t know what the new version will look like yet, but if you have a watch with Apple Watch Support or if you want to test out the new features in the watch, you can download it now for free.