‘Don’t forget that you can still get paid’: Woman who worked for the day care center says she was ‘treated like a princess’

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An African American woman working for a day care provider says she never received any recognition for her work because she is black.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the woman, who was born in the United States and is now in her mid-30s, described how she and her co-workers received “a lot of respect and gratitude” for their work.

“I have a really hard time talking about it because I’m too busy crying because I have no words,” the woman said.

The woman, whose identity was concealed by the employer, described the experience of working for the North Shore Day Care Center in New Jersey, where she worked from July until September.

She worked with five other employees who were working at the daycare center for a total of four years, but she said she was never given a formal title.

“The way I worked was to put people to work.

So I didn’t get paid for it,” the unidentified worker said.”

It was just like I was in a game and I was doing all the work and they were not paying me,” she added.

The unidentified worker recounted how the employee with the same name worked in the same room and the employees worked together, with one worker making a video for the other.

The day care worker said she did not feel welcome at the center, as she was not allowed to wear any clothing.

“Sometimes I would just sit in the cubicle, and I would put my feet on the floor, and they would look at me like I’m stupid, like I have a problem, and would put me in a box,” she said.

A woman who works for the same day care facility in New York City has a similar experience.

“It’s a very different atmosphere in a lot of ways,” the unnamed worker said, describing how the day-care center employees treat her as if she is their daughter or sister.

“They treat me like a slave, like if I was going to come to work, I have to have my face painted,” the worker said of the day cares workers at the North Jersey facility.

The employee said she and the other employees at the facility did not get paid during the day, but the day centers are required by law to pay their employees on a daily basis.

“If they get sick, they’re not paid, and if they get a concussion, they get fined.

They pay us to go on the bus and drive around the neighborhood and work,” she explained.

The worker said that when she was a child, her parents would bring her to work every day and they received a paycheck.

She said she received no recognition for the work she was doing.

The person with the name “Alyssa” said she came to work at the New York day care complex to be a caregiver for her mother who was undergoing treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

Alyssas worked in her first year as a caregifter and said that while she was working for one day care, she was treated like a “baby” by her coworkers.

She was given “a little treat” by the day caregivers when she had a few seconds to take a photo.

When she complained about the treatment to her supervisor, she said, he responded by calling her a “dumb baby.”

“I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’

And he said, ‘You’re dumb, dumb baby,'” Alyssas said.

She also recounted how when she asked her co of two years for a job promotion, she received a letter saying that she was no longer welcome at work.

A “very small percentage” of day care workers in the New Jersey facility receive “a paycheck,” the person said.

“I don’t think it’s fair, I don’t know why people are doing this.

I have never seen anybody get a paycheck, and it’s not like I ever saw anybody get paid to work in a day center,” Alyssa said.

Another woman who worked at the same facility in the city said that she is also treated differently by the staff.

“When I first started working at day care I had a really difficult time because it was a black child and I had to do everything in my power to make sure she had food and her bed and that she had water and that her room was clean,” she recounted.

“And I also had to be really diligent about being nice and understanding because I was just so used to being the baby that they were looking at.”

When she began working at another facility in North Carolina, the employee described how the staff treated her like “a slave.”

She also recalled how she was assigned to “the most senior spot,” and that the day worker had to wear a white suit and tie because he was a white male.

The New Jersey woman said she is the only black woman at the childcare center.

“At the time I

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