Girl wears hoodie in NYC for first time

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NEW YORK — A girl wearing a hoodie and pink pants in front of a Starbucks in Manhattan on Saturday wore a pink hat and a ponytail as she went to work.

The girl, who was wearing a white shirt, was working at the Starbucks in Union Square, which is a predominantly female space, when she noticed a man walking by.

She told her co-workers that she was wearing her hoodie for the first time, and they asked her why she was.

“I just thought, ‘Oh, I’m just wearing a hat,'” the girl said.

The girl said she wanted to show off her new haircut and to show the other employees that she’s a girl.

A spokeswoman for Starbucks said the company was aware of the situation and was working with the girl to get her to a new spot.

The Starbucks spokeswoman said the woman was not dressed for the occasion, and was not identified in the company’s public statements.