How to wear a baby blue outfit without looking too “gorgeous”

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Maternity wear for a baby, particularly if it’s a white one, can be an eye-catching statement.

If you want to make sure your outfit isn’t going to catch the eye of a stranger, you need to be careful not to wear too many accessories, and be careful about the colors you wear.

Sofia, the designer behind the baby blue trend, does not want to see her style be too “stretchy” and has teamed up with designer J.

Crew to bring her style to the masses.

The brand has created two maternity collections in white and baby blue, and both of the pieces feature the brand’s signature design.

Sofa-free maternity pants and a white blouse will be available in the fall for $250.

The blouse comes in two colors: white and gray.

Baby blue dresses in baby blue will be sold for $200.

Both Sofa and J. Crew maternity collections are available for purchase now.

To learn more about these styles, read The Wall St. Journal’s article on the trend.