Dog wearing glasses gets a workout: Axios


Wear a pair of dog glasses, get a workout and take your eyes off the screen at the same time.

It’s not the first time dog-eye glasses have been made for wear.

In 2012, the company Moi launched a $100 dog-friendly pair of glasses.

Moi had to stop production of the glasses because of a shortage of human eye-witnesses.

In 2016, Moi started making dog-shaped sunglasses that are designed to fit the nose, instead of the mouth, for those with small eyes.

The company is still making glasses for the ears, but it doesn’t have a production schedule for a more popular product.

The new glasses, which have a face-like design, look like a pair.

They are made with an acrylic material that looks like glass, and they’re designed to look like sunglasses, said Julie Dolan, chief marketing officer of Moi.

Moi has launched a website where users can order the glasses, and customers can customize the glasses to their own specifications.

There are also a variety of other products on the site, such as dog-sized glasses and cat-shaped glasses.

Dolan said the company will soon have a range of dog-wear products available for sale in stores and online.

She declined to name specific retailers.

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