Men wearing pants and a bra in ‘Fetish Wear’

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The fashion trend of men wearing pants or a bra and having sex in underwear has been gaining steam in the last few months, with men wearing them in a variety of scenarios including fetish wear, bondage, and even just for fun.

Now, a group of men are taking the fetish wear trend to a whole new level by wearing pants topless at an event at a popular Los Angeles strip club.

According to the Daily Mail, the men who participated in the Fetish Wear event wore pants and bra in an “attempt to shock their audience.”

While it might seem ridiculous to some that men are actually doing this, the group is not alone in their efforts to make the fetish-wear trend more mainstream.

In a similar vein, men dressed up as the character Dr. Who were seen at the 2017 Oscars, as well as at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

While some people have expressed reservations about the costumes at the Olympics, the show itself was praised for its creativity and diversity.

The Daily Mail also reported that several other men wore costumes, including a man dressed as Superman dressed as a stripper, a man wearing a “mature” white T-shirt and a man with a pair of white briefs.

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