How to get the latest fitness wear on your wrist from Nike+

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By getting your Nike+ activity tracker to sync with your Apple Watch, you can track your daily activity and see when you have enough time to go out.

It also comes with a companion app called Nike+, which you can use to track your steps, calories burned, distance covered, and more.

This article explains how to use Nike+ with your smartwatch.

What to do:First of all, you’ll need to download Nike+ on your iPhone.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the Nike+ app.

You’ll need an iPhone 5 or later to sync your Nike+.

Then, you’re ready to use your Nike+, with the Nike app to sync data from your smart watch to the Apple Watch.

The Nike+ data sync is very similar to how your AppleWatch syncs data from the Nike+.

Nike+ will then automatically sync data to the watch.

If you want to add your Nike Watch to Nike+ and not your Apple TV, you need to first make sure that you have an Apple TV connected.

You can do this from the Apple TV app or from your iPhone using the Apple Connect app.

Once that’s done, you should be able to sync all of your Nike activity data to your Apple watch.

After you’ve synced your data to Nike+, Nike+ is ready to track it.

Nike+ shows you what time you started your workout and when you last took your last steps.

When you have time, you see the distance covered and your total distance.

Nike+, shows you your calories burned and calories burned over a workout, along with how many steps you took and how many calories you burned.

You also see your steps and calories taken, along on a graph.

You can sync data up to three times a day.

You should also sync data for your Apple iPhone if you’re connected to it.

You do this by connecting your Nike account to the Nike account on your Apple phone.

You then open up the Nike+, and you’ll see the Nike Plus dashboard.

From there, you just hit sync, and your Nike data will be synced with the watch on your watch.

This article shows you how to sync and display your Nike Plus activity data on the Nike Watch.

The first step to getting your data sync working is to download the NikePlus app.

After you download the app, you will see a pop-up window asking if you’d like to sync to your Nike watch.

If you say yes, then Nike+ gets a notification when you sync data.

You’ll need the Nikeplus app for the Nike smartwatch app to work.

Once the Nike watch app is downloaded, you must open the Nike Smartwatch app.

Select “Apps” from the menu and then tap on the “Navigate to App” button.

From there, select “Nike Plus” and then you’ll be presented with a new section called “Sync.”

Select “Yes” to sync.

You’re now ready to sync, as Nike+ tells you to sync the data to “Your Nike Watch.”

If you don’t see this section, try hitting “Sync” again and “Yes.”

Once the sync is complete, you are ready to view the data on your Nike smart watch.

In the top right of your screen, you may see an “Actions” icon.

You will see three sections: “Sync,” “Sync Data,” and “Sync Stats.”

Select “Sync data” and you will now see a list of the steps you have taken, calories you have burned, and total steps you’ve taken.

Tap on the bar that shows your total steps to see the total steps.

You now have three tabs in the Nike data pane: “Rest” to see your average step pace, “Daily” to view your average daily step pace for the day, and “Week” to scroll through your previous week’s data.

The last tab shows your current step pace.

You will see this information on your smart wrist when you first sync data with Nike+.

You can also see the progress you’ve made on the chart at the top of the screen.

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