Which animal is your favorite?


What’s your favorite animal?

Here’s our picks.

A lot of us have animal friends.

We like them for the way they look and the way we feel about them.

They are our neighbors, friends, pets, family members and more.

But not everyone has one.

Some of our favorite animal friends include: cats, dogs, horses, cows, ducks, birds, turtles and even some animals we’ve never heard of.

Here are our top 10 favorite animals:Bats are cute and fluffy animals with a penchant for playing and bonding with other animals.

We’re pretty sure they have more friends than we do.

They can be a bit wild, too.

They may have their own territory, but they will never stay in one spot forever.

Some bat species are known to take on the shape of a human being.

Some even come equipped with a beak.

Birds are also cute and adorable animals.

You’ll find them at parks, schools and even museums.

Their favorite places to hang out?

Flying kites, flying cars and even, in some cases, being shot at by a bird.

But don’t expect them to stay around for long.

They’ll likely go to the same place and time again.

Some birds are known for their ability to migrate to new places and find mates.

The same goes for dogs, too, who often find themselves in the same spot or on the same property.

A few animals are quite unique.

Some may be known for being more social, others for being aggressive.

Some have been known to live up to 100 years.

Some are known as “hippos” or “babies.”

A few have been referred to as “flying foxes.”

And, of course, there are some that are so unique that they deserve their own category: birds of prey.

Some can be quite big, so when it comes to them, you can’t count on them to fit into a category.

We think you’ll love these adorable and unique animals as we rank our favorites:1.

Bears, owls, coyotes and other large mammals1.

Coyotes and coyotes, large mammals with the largest eyes on the planet2.

Lions, wolves and other big cats3.

African lions4.

Lions and wolves, great horned predators5.

African wild dogs6.

African hyenas7.

Leopard and leopard cubs8.

African forest lions9.

Panther and leopards10.

African leopies