How to wear shorts and flip flops

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Shaka is the nickname for men who wear casual clothes.

These men often wear shorts, flip flop shoes, a pair of jeans or a hoodie, and a pair or three of loose-fitting t-shirts.

The term can be applied to men who are in their twenties, with some older men who have become more comfortable in their trousers.

They often have long hair, often worn short in their youth.

Shaka refers to a casual style of dress and is associated with men who dress casual and who are looking for something a little more stylish than a shirt and tie.

Men who wear shorts should wear shirts with no buttons or tie that fall below the knee, which may help to avoid showing off too much of their hips.

They should avoid the more revealing styles that are popular in younger generations, such as the long-sleeved shirts, and avoid wearing t-shirt and button-down shirts with a neckline that covers the chest.

Shorts and flip-flops should be worn with short, loose-fitted pants that do not reach the ankles.

Shirts that are short or long should be short, which is more comfortable for men and can be worn around the waist.

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