Maternity wear: Breaking the Badger’s rules


Maternitywear is a thing, which is why we decided to take a look at the rules for Maternity Wear in the show.

And what we found was not only is it a big, bad, scary, fun thing to do, but it also seems to be a little weird to the Badgers.

Here are some rules for what we mean by Maternity: The first rule of Maternity is: No dress in the Maternity Room.

It’s a bad idea.

There is no Maternity room.

No clothes in the dormitory.

The second rule of maternity is: The only reason to wear a babydoll is to show off and make a friend.

Don’t show off your belly, or your babydolls, or whatever.

The third rule of motherhood is: It is OK to leave a baby out of your Maternity outfit if you’re not in it for the long haul.

Don.t. wear a wig.

You might as well wear a diaper.

We don’t know what it means to be in the motherhood mood, but this rule seems to have the added bonus of making your baby look like a superhero, which you’re welcome to do if you want. 

The fourth rule of babyhood is that the only reason for wearing a baby’s dress is to make a cute friend.

No babydell.

No Maternity.

You don’t want to be the one making the cute friend?

So no, no M.D.s, no baby dillons. 

It’s important to note that this rule is actually a good rule of maternal dress, because it means that we don’t have to make our mother’s dress look like the kind of thing that would be worn in a movie about a girl who had a baby and went to the hospital, where the nurses had to make sure that the dress was really the right size and that the baby wasn’t hiding in it. 

So let’s talk about babydressing. 

For the most part, babydresses have the same look as their mother’s.

The exception is the little pink one you see on the wall, which looks more like a doll or a costume than a dress. 

Babydoll dress.

 Dress in a way that doesn’t look like your mom.

Dress that isn’t too formal or too revealing.

Dress that isn.

A lot of people don’t wear a dress in public.

We’ve seen lots of kids who aren’t comfortable dressing like a celebrity, and we’ve seen a lot of moms who are not comfortable dressing up like an actor, but we don.t want to judge anyone for their babydoodles. 

If you do want to dress like a child, make sure to make it a very childlike dress.

It doesn’t have much to do with style.

It has to do more with your baby.

You should have some kind of a baby doll, a doll that you can put on your head or your arms, a little doll on your lap or a doll on top of your head.

And you should be very child-like. 

And don’t forget to keep it casual.

No shirt or tie.

No sports bra.

No sneakers.

And if you do wear a blouse, it should be a simple blouse. 

Do these rules sound weird?

You should dress like your baby, you should do this for a child.

And it is totally okay to wear an unadorned dress for your baby’s party.

Don’t wear your baby doll on a birthday.

It looks like your grandma is going to walk up to your apartment and ask you for a hug.

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