The best of our favorite games in 2019

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The year of the VR headset and the year of augmented reality.

It’s been a tumultuous year for the VR space.

With the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, VR headsets have made their mark on the gaming industry.

But for the most part, these headsets haven’t really been able to compete with the AR headsets from Microsoft and Sony.

Then, in the spring of 2019, we got the Oculus Touch, the first virtual reality headset to really start attracting serious consumer attention.

It was the first of its kind to hit the market, and it was also the first to work with the Oculus SDK, which was basically a standard toolkit for creating a VR experience.

It didn’t do much to compete, and we weren’t really sure it would.

But in the summer of 2019 a bunch of other developers started to jump on board.

So, it became clear that virtual reality would be an important part of the gaming future.

Now, with VR headsets on the market today, the Oculus team has been hard at work, refining the Oculus software, building the SDK, and preparing to launch the Rift.

We wanted to get our hands on a lot of it, and this is the first time we’re going to be able to do that.

To do that, we’re taking a look back at some of the best games that were released this year, and looking at the hardware that was the most promising.

So far, we’ve found that the best virtual reality games have been on the Rift, the HTC and Sony phones, and the PlayStation 4.

That doesn’t mean they’re all good.

They’re not.

But they’re pretty good.

We’ve also seen that a lot more VR titles are coming to iOS, Android, and PC, and that we’ve seen a lot fewer AR games coming to consoles.

Here are the best VR games for the Oculus.

First up is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the most recent VR game to launch on the Oculus headset.

It follows Geralt of Rivia from the first Witcher game, as well as the game’s main antagonist, Ciri, and her companion, Ceria.

It also follows a couple of familiar characters from the original game, but it’s not just the main cast that makes this a great VR game.

It features a variety of locations and creatures, including wolves, bears, and bears from the Wild Hunt universe, as we’ve previously covered.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, also a VR game, follows Geralts adventures as he leads an army of knights against a ruthless, powerful ruler in this epic fantasy adventure.

It is also the most visually striking game to date.

The game takes place in an ancient, medieval city called Cimlech, and you travel across it to fight evil, which you do by traveling through the halls and rooms of the city.

Each of the different parts of the game is connected to the main story, and each section of the story can be unlocked by completing side quests.

It takes place during the time period of The Witcher, but we’re not going to go into much detail here.

The VR experience isn’t particularly immersive, though.

There’s a large cast of characters, a few locations, and a couple areas where you can’t interact with them.

There are also a few areas where enemies are a little too close to the player, and they can attack you while you’re looking at them.

This is one of the biggest challenges of playing a VR title, and The Witcher doesn’t really do a very good job of addressing it.

That said, it’s a fantastic game that’s worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in medieval fantasy.

The Last of Us Remastered, another VR title by Naughty Dog, takes place following Joel, Ellie, and Joel’s younger brother, Joel Jr. as they try to survive in an isolated American town.

It looks great, but there’s not much that makes The Last Of Us Remastered stand out from its other VR titles.

The graphics look great, and there are a lot to look at in the game, including a large, open-world area that’s home to a lot about the story and the character.

The soundtrack is great, as is the fact that the main characters are all voiced by the same actors, which makes for a more interesting story.

We have some more screenshots from The Last And Last of US Remastered that show off some of what you can see in the new VR experience, and some new gameplay.

But this is a really good VR game that I think will be a solid VR title for a long time.

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