How to get a new pair of cowboy boots


If you’re a fan of cowboy shoes and you’re looking to spend some cash on new boots, then you should check out this new pair from Rods Western Wear.

The company, whose name translates to “good shoes for the ranch,” offers a range of cowboy footwear that are both affordable and comfortable.

The new cowboy boots feature a black leather upper and a pair of leather boots.

They’re available in two different models: the RWD “Buckaroo” and the RLD “Mountain Boy.”

The RWD boots are available in white or black.

While you might not want to spend $700 or more on a pair, the RADs boots are the most affordable option and will be a staple of your wardrobe. 

The boots come in white, black, brown, or blue. 

A black RWD RLD Mountain Boy is available in black, white, and blue.

A white RWD Mountain Boy in black and white is available.

The boots are also available in a black and gold version.