When you think of the Olympics, think of Brazil, says US president


Brazil’s top leader says he believes the Olympics will have “positive consequences” in the country.

President Michel Temer said Sunday he had already heard about the positive effects of the Games on Brazil and was optimistic the “tremendous impact” will continue in the future.

Temer said the Olympics have “helped create new jobs, generate huge economic gains, and have a positive impact on social cohesion and stability in the nation.”

He said the athletes have shown the “strength of character and courage of the Brazilian people” in their determination to go ahead.

Temers office has been criticized by the government of President Michel Temers for not publicly announcing his decision.

Temer’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday.

Temere has said the Games will not bring about a new dictatorship but instead bring “new opportunities for the people.”

The games will take place in the northern city of Santa Catarina, which has been in the grip of violent clashes since August, when a group of protesters attacked the presidential palace and set fire to the building.

A government report earlier this year said the violence was sparked by Temere’s decision to postpone the Games for a second time, in part due to the protests.