Indian women wearing pantsuits to make fashion statement

Indian women wearing panties to make a fashion statement.The Indian women wear their pantsuits for the first time.The women, from across the country, have been protesting against the country’s patriarchal and sexist society and the poor conditions of their lives.The movement has been dubbed as a “feminist” movement and aims to raise awareness about the


A new wave of girls in cowboy boots on the road

A new trend is emerging among young girls in western wear: cowboy boots.The trend started with the arrival of the American cowboy in the 1930s and continues today with a variety of American boots including cowboy boots, cowboy boots with leather soles, cowboy booties, and cowboy boots in all-black or full-length leather soled boots.While this


How to make your dog’s glasses look like condoms

Posted December 04, 2017 06:13:04 Dog owners who want to look like they have sex while wearing their dog’s sunglasses can start by getting some prescription eyeglasses from a specialty eyewear store.Dogs are known to be good eye candy, so it’s no surprise that the prescription eyewears can look like condom glasses.The eyeglass lenses are


What’s the future of your clothes?

You’re about to discover that a lot of your wardrobe is no longer made up of clothes you wore when you were in high school.Today, the majority of clothing is made from synthetic materials that are far more energy-intensive than the clothes you bought your first year in highschool.But the real question that comes to


What women are saying about this year’s election

Now Playing: Hillary Clinton on Kavanaugh confirmation: ‘He’s a good person’ Now Playing.Now Playing Trump’s first tweet about Kavanaugh: ‘I will fight to protect the rights of women and girls’ Now Play: Trump to visit Texas to support victims of Harvey Now Playing ‘He’ll be fine’: Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at Senate confirmation hearing Now


Al Sharpton, Dont miss the NBA All-Star Game

Al Sharpshooter Al Sharptons son, Jamal, has been named NBA All Star Game MVP for his work in the community and the effort that has led to his brother being named the league’s Most Valuable Player.The Los Angeles Clippers selected Sharpton as the league`s MVP for the fourth consecutive season.Sharpton is expected to lead the

When Gillian wore a Treadwear T-shirt

Treadwearing is one of the more exciting and unique styles in footwear, and the company Gillian’s been wearing recently is called Treadworn.Gillian was inspired to create the Tread Wear T-shirts after being inspired by the Nike Air Max 1s she loves so much.Her inspiration came from the idea that her own pair of shoes were